Concrete and Crack Sealing

Beginning June 21, 2021, Weather Permitting

It's that time again! Please review our plans to ensure our sidewalks are in tip-top shape:

Phase 1: Lifting and Leveling

Lifting and leveling of concrete throughout the co-op will be performed June 21-29. Please be advised, the contractor may need access to your water spigot. It will not be necessary for you to move your vehicle. However, the contractor will be pumping mud, and it may splash on your vehicle. This is not permanent, simply wash it off!

Please keep your children and pets away from the contractors while they work throughout the entire cooperative.

Phase 2: Sealant

Approximately two weeks after leveling, concrete cracks will be filled where needed. The areas will be marked with caution tape.

Phase Three: Concrete Replacement & Repair

This work will be announced at a later date.