Lockwood 2 Survey

Community Awareness

16 October 2020

Forest Hills Cooperative is one of the residential communities that would be impacted by a new project under consideration by the City of Ann Arbor. To ensure that all members are aware of this proposal, and how it might affect them, the Board of Directors would like each member to carefully read a petition that is currently circulating in our area.

Forest Hills members who agree with the terms of this petition are welcome to fill out the form below it. All responses will be forwarded to the Forest Hills Managing Agent, Jennie Bach. Respondents' information will then be shared with the coalition that created the petition, the Ann Arbor City Council, and any other stakeholders.

If you would like to track information about the proposed Lockwood property, visit Etrakit Website  and search "Properties."

The Petition
NO TO LOCKWOOD 2! File No. SP20-010 & Z20-027

We, the residents of southeast Ann Arbor, object to the zoning change from R1C to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) to allow a for-profit entity, Lockwood Properties to build yet another senior-citizen highrise, where a neighborhood community center could be, as stated in the city’s Master Plan.

This zoning change will also greatly reduce the taxes required by Lockwood Properties.

“Lockwood 2” is a project that was rejected in a more affluent and less diverse community elsewhere in the city.

The offer of a few ‘affordable’ housing units is not sustainable nor as ‘affordable’ as what already exists in some of our Southeast Coalition partners (Forest Hills, University Townhouses, Arbor Oaks, etc.)

This zoning change will:

  • Allow private residential space to be converted into commercial use, contrary to the agreed-upon Master Plan developed by City and community residents. Lockwood would not be required to be built in accordance with the City’s A2Zero carbon neutrality plan adopted by the City council on June 1, 2020.
  • Will eliminate the option of a non-profit communal space
  • Cause hardship to the current residents of Southeast Ann Arbor by:
    • increasing traffic flow
    • sustaining damage to the environment, thus exacerbating continuous flooding issues
    • drastically changing the natural appeal of the neighborhood
    • continually disregarding the voice of residents
    • impacting marginalized communities without offering them sustainable benefits

Questions? Please contact Mark Wenzels at mark@A2wenzels.com or 216-956-5742.


Only submit the following form if you AGREE with the petition above.