Parking Regulations

Keeping Our Parking Lots Safe

Among the many conveniences of living at Forest Hills, access to safe, well-maintained parking is an easy one to overlook. We encourage our members to look out for the needs of their neighbors and visitors by reading and following the parking rules listed below. While at times, these rules might feel inconvenient, they are designed to ensure all members and their vehicles are safe in our lots. We appreciate your partnering with us to keep our lots safe!

Parking Rules

  1. ONE exclusive parking space per unit.
    • Each unit is assigned a single numbered parking space for the exclusive use of that unit's residents. When parking your vehicle, always park first in your assigned numbered space.
    • No Member may park in a numbered space that has been assigned to another member's unit without permission of the occupant of that unit.
    • No guest may park in any numbered space without permission of the member to whom that space has been assigned.
    • It is the responsibility of the member to inform all guests of the parking policy of Forest Hills Cooperative.
  2. TWO vehicles per unit.
    • The maximum number of vehicles allowed to park in our lots, per unit, is two.
    • Only one vehicle is permitted for each licensed driver.
    • A household with more than 2 licensed drivers must petition the Board of Directors for permission to have a third vehicle on Forest Hills property. Permission is subject to change, based on the parking needs of the area.
    • Motorbikes must be parked in accordance with existing regulations.
      • Motorbikes are limited to motorcycles and scooters.
      • Motorbikes must be parked in the member's assigned, numbered-space at all times, with both tires directly against the concrete bumper block, and in a manner that is safe and acceptable to Forest Hills.
      • Motorbikes may not be stored or parked in any other area of Forest Hills property.
      • If a member with a motorbike also owns another allowable vehicle, the motorbike must be parked in front of that vehicle.
      • The motorbike kickstand must rest on a professionally manufactured kickstand plate/guard, such as SafeTkick, to prevent damage to the asphalt.
      • The kickstand guard may not be stored in the parking space/lot when not in use.
      • The kickstand guard may be placed in an area located directly below the front living room window, provided it is hidden from view.
  3. Unnumbered spaces are for the use of guests and members on a first-come, first-serve basis. No member or guest has any special claim to an unnumbered spot.
  4. Do NOT use our lots for vehicle storage!
    • Vehicles that appear to be abandoned, are unlicensed, or are non-operational will receive a 7-day notice to remove the vehicle from Forest Hills property.
    • If the vehicle has not been made operable within those 7 days, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.
    • No unlicensed vehicles will be allowed on Forest Hills Property.
  5. NO boats, trailers, motor homes, snowmobiles, campers, or other types of recreational vehicles may be parked or stored on Forest Hills property.
  6. NO trucks with a load capacity greater than 3/4 ton (2500 lbs.) may be parked or stored on Forest Hills property.
  7. All vehicles must be parked between the yellow lines. No part of the vehicle may extend over the yellow line.
  8. While we hate to inconvenience any of our members or compromise them financially, we will tow without warning, and at the member's expense, any vehicles that are:
    • double parked
    • parked in front of a dumpster station
    • parked in a driveway
    • impeding the movement of other vehicles
    • risking the health, safety, or welfare of the membership
    • interfering with the operations of the cooperative
  9. During the entire winter season, the un-numbered blue-lined spaces on each court are reserved for snow storage. Signs are posted at each of these areas throughout the cooperative. Vehicles parked in these designated areas will be towed immediately, with no guarantee of a warning, and at the owner's expense if they are left there:
    • during a snowfall, or any other time snow is on the ground
    • while plowing is in progress
    • at any other time when access to these areas is needed
  10. Vehicles with a fluid leak (oil, gas, transmission, etc.) are not permitted on Forest Hills property.
    • If a leak is observed a 24-Hour Tow Notice will be issued.
    • The responsible member will be expected to immediately and thoroughly clean the parking space.
    • The responsible member will be charged for cleaning or repairs deemed necessary to restore the area.
  11. Vehicle maintenance or repairs that involve vehicle-fluids, such as oil, transmission fluid, etc, are not allowed.
  12. Vehicle maintenance or repairs that involve bodywork, engine, cooling, muffler, brakes, etc, are strictly prohibited on Forest Hills property.
  13. Do not park in any of the yellow no-parking zones, or any other recognized no-parking area, anywhere in the cooperative.

Please be aware that, violations of any of the above rules may result in a minimum $25.00 fine from Forest Hills. And, unfortunately, habitual violations may result in further punitive action, including but not limited to, termination of membership.

We truly appreciate you taking the time to review and follow these rules to keep our community safe!