Pet Rules and Regulations

Young, smiling girl holding an orange kitten.

Protecting Our Furry Friends and Our Community

Pets offer us companionship, affection, and even protection. Forest Hills is happy to invite members to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of owning pets. And, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of our pets, members, and visitors, the co-op has established some important rules. If you are a pet owner, please review these rules and use the form below to register your pets with Forest Hills.

Rules for Pet Owners

  1. Members must register, license, and inoculate their pets in accordance with local ordinances and state law.
  2. Members may not leave any pets unattended outside. A responsible person must be in attendance with the animal whenever it is outdoors.
    • Both dogs and cats must be under leash-restraint.
    • Members cannot chain any pets outdoors for long periods
    • Pets may not be tied to trees, meters, or any other outside structure.
    • Pet chains may not extend into a neighbor's yard or into a common area.
    • To prevent trip hazards and to ensure easy access for maintenance staff, members may store pet-stakes and chains only in the rear of their units, close to their homes.
    • Outside pet-shelters, carriers, cages, etc. are not permitted, at any time, for any reason.
  3. Members are responsible for their pet deposits.
    • Deposits must be cleaned up immediately, the moment it drops
    • Members must place deposits in a plastic bag, tie the bag shut, and dispose of the bag in the trash—either inside their own unit or in the dumpster.
    • Members may not put loose deposits directly into any dumpster.
    • Members may not allow pet deposits to accumulate outside their unit, at any time, for any reason.
  4. Pets should not make an unreasonable amount of noise.
  5. Members are responsible for any property damage caused by their pets, either to the co-op or to individual members.
  6. Members may not be cruel to their animals. Extreme cruelty is a crime. Learn more about animal cruelty at the American Humane Society. 
  7. Each unit is limited to two animals. Litters may be kept only through the nursing stage.
  8. Animals that bite, chase, menace, injure humans, or damage property, are considered dangerous and are not permitted.


Please be aware that, violations of any of the above rules will result in the following actions:

First Offense

The member pet-owner will receive a first-offense notice alerting them to the violation and requesting them to resolve the situation.

Second Offense

The member pet-owner will be asked to schedule an appointment with Forest Hills staff to discuss the ongoing violation and what steps should be taken to rectify the problem. If the member fails to attend this meeting, they may lose their pet privileges.

Third Offense

Pet privileges will be revoked.

  • The member pet-owner will have 30 days to find a new home for their pet(s).
  • The member must submit to the office, a signed and dated verification that the pet has been permanently removed from their unit.
  • Multiple violations by any household could jeopardize membership status at Forest Hills.

Register Your Pet!

Registering your pet with the office helps keep our staff and your pets safe during maintenance in and around your unit. If your pet gets lost, registering your pet will also allow us to help you find it! Please login to your Appfolio Account  and register your pets on the form provided.