Lawn Treatments

Green Lawns and Healthy Members

Our co-op comes with built-in parks! And our lawn-care company, Brightview , does a wonderful job of maintaining all 32-acres of our beautiful, rolling hills. Their crews are contracted to cut our lawns 26 times per season. So, during the hot, dry, summer months, there may be weeks Brightview does not service the lawn. While we try to keep the lawn-cutting day consistent, holidays and/or the weather can also impact the schedule.

Additionally, Brightview will edge your sidewalk and curbs every other time they cut the lawn. Their crews always remove the debris left on the sidewalks after these services. Brightview also performs routine clean-ups in the spring and fall and trims the shrubs twice a year.

So, how will you know when Brightview will be working? When you see green flags at the entrances of co-op courts! The green flags serve as a quick reminder for you to make sure any of your belongings outside your unit are moved and arranged to allow the crew to easily navigate with their equipment.

Lawn Maintenance Treatments

To ensure our lawns are lush, beautiful, weed-free, and eco-friendly we now contract Electric Lawn Company  . Instead of harmful pesticides, they use organic corn gluten as fertilizer. There are no chemicals. It’s safe for people and pets; and, there is no need to stay off the lawn.

Key Benefits
  • Provides natural nutrients to promote healthy grass growth
  • Suppresses weed germination without harming existing plants
  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Corn Gluten Meal is a natural by-product from the production of corn starch and contains no strong, harmful odors.
Applying organic corn gluten fertilizer in early spring, just before weeds begin to germinate. This helps prevent weed growth while feeding your lawn with essential nutrients.
Reapplying the fertilizer in early summer to maintain weed control and provide ongoing nourishment to your lawn during the peak growing season.
Applying a final application of organic corn gluten fertilizer in the fall to prepare your lawn for winter dormancy and promote root development.

Read the Electric Lawn Company's Inofrmation guide (PDF): Organic Corn Gluten Fertilization Guide 

Electric Lawn Company is part of A2Zero . They will be using electric powered equipment to apply the corn gluten pellets up to three times this year or as needed. We will not be putting red flags up, but will announce application days as best as we can. Ideally the gluten will be spread on the lawn after it is mowed, but before it rains. The rain will break down the yellow-orange pellets and dissolves into the ground. As always, inclement weather may impact service dates.