Lawn Treatments

Green Lawns and Healthy Members

Our co-op comes with built-in parks! And our lawn-care company, Brightview , does a wonderful job of maintaining all 32-acres of our beautiful, rolling hills. Their crews are contracted to cut our lawns 26 times per season. So, during the hot, dry, summer months, there may be weeks Brightview does not service the lawn. While we try to keep the lawn-cutting day consistent, holidays and/or the weather can also impact the schedule.

Additionally, Brightview will edge your sidewalk and curbs every other time they cut the lawn. Their crews always remove the debris left on the sidewalks after these services. Brightview also performs routine clean-ups in the spring and fall and trims the shrubs twice a year.

So, how will you know when Brightview will be working? When you see green flags at the entrances of co-op courts! The green flags serve as a quick reminder for you to make sure any of your belongings outside your unit are moved and arranged to allow the crew to easily navigate with their equipment.

Lawn Maintenance Treatments

To ensure our lawns are lush, beautiful, and weed-free, we contract Back to Nature  to apply several treatments:

April: Early Spring Pre-Emergent & Fertilizer
A nutrient-dense fertilizer that promotes root growth and a pre-emergent (an herbicide that prevents weeds from germinating) to minimize crabgrass. Please keep children and pets off the treated area for 1-2 hours or until dry.
June: Broadleaf Weed Control
Controls pesky weeds. Most broadleaf treatments contain a product called “sticker.” This is added to help prevent the weed-control from getting washed away by rain. Back to Nature only uses Phosphorus-free products.
August: Late Summer Fertilizer
A slow-release fertilizer to help grass withstand the hot and dry periods of stress. Weeds are also spot treated. Please keep children and pets off the treated area for 1-2 hours or until dry.
September-October: Early Fall Broadleaf Weed Control
Helps control pesky weeds. Please keep children and pets off the treated area for 1-2 hours or until dry.

The MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) listed below provide specific safety and health information for the products currently in use for our lawn treatments. These documents also identify protection measures recommended to avoid exposure, such as wearing long pants/shirts, using masks or shields, and avoiding affected areas for a period of time.

Andersons Turf Products 

Fertilizer Material Safety Data Sheet 

Chem Stik Material Safety Data Sheet 

Horsepower Material Safety Data Sheet 

The schedule for these lawn-treatments is only a rough estimate. It is very likely that the date will change based on the weather, in order to optimize both the safety and efficacy of these services. However, we will do our best to give the membership as much notice as possible via email messages and website posts. Along with the traditional “red” flag we place at court entrances on treatment days, these electronic communications will provide members with another reminder to prepare as they see fit.